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About us

Our company may be new, but we come with over 30 years of combined experience behind us and a track record of achievement and accomplishment.
We are and experienced team that has worked together for years and as the saying in our industry goes “fought the concrete wars” together.

Estimator and Planning Manager-Carl Eisenberg

Carl just celebrated his 60th year of working and his 17th year in the decorative concrete trade. He intends to keep working until they put him in the old folk’s home as he loves what he does and enjoys helping people meet their needs in this exceedingly difficult trade. His job is to understand what is needed, the best way to achieve it, and how to do it cost effectively. The goal is to provide our clients with a high-quality solution at the best price possible and at the same time produce a fair profit for the company. Carl has spent the last 10 years at Decorative Concrete of New York doing just that. Carl is a certified ST-115 operator and certified as a “Decorative Concrete Estimator”.

General Manager-Edgar Escobar

Once it is time to commence a job Edgar takes over and makes sure that the team is prepared with the proper equipment and materials, as well as making sure that the process outlined is proper. Edgar has 17 years of experience in flooring having started in wood flooring, carpet, and tile. His expertise in decorative concrete started 11 years ago with “on-the-job” training and over the years he has trained with a variety of machines, materials, and processes. Edgar has done it all from a 100 square foot garage to pouring and polishing 50,000 square feet in Manhattan tall buildings. Carl and Edgar met at Decorative Concrete ten years ago and have shared many experiences together, including watching epoxy dry.

Project Manager-Ray Escobar

Ray is the youngest member of the team and the son of Edgar. Ray began his career in concrete flooring at Decorative Concrete of NY seven years ago as a helper and in 3 years advanced to a team leader with the skills of someone twice his age. Today he is skilled in all facets of not just decorative concrete but all facets of flooring. He has run jobs ranging from 100 square foot residential bathrooms to 25,000 square foot jobs in the tall buildings of Manhattan. His is meticulous in his work and takes tremendous pride in his accomplishment of having become a skilled artisan and team leader. When Ray runs a job, you know it will be done on time with great results. He may be young but has the mentality of an old work craftsmen.

Controller-Dinah Sosa

We are excited to welcome Dinah Sosa to the team as our Controller. With an AA in Accounting and Finance, as well as a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, along with 20 years of experience working directly with Contractors she is well equipped to guide us through the obstacle course of today’s overabundance of rules, regulations and forms. Having a team member who is able pay attention to all the details with accuracy is essential to the success of any small business today. She has quickly entrenched herself as an integral part of the company and is leading key decisions being made. When Dinah speaks, we listen carefully, as she makes certain that we stay in compliance so that we can focus on serving the needs of our clients and not worry about the back office protocols.

Polished Concrete

An attractive and affordable option for residential, commercial, retail, and industrial spaces because these floors are easy to maintain and clean, as well as being affordable when compared to other flooring options, as well as environmentally friendly.

Stained Concrete

Rather than sitting on top of your surface like epoxy, concrete staining penetrates the surface creating an interesting appearance. Unlike a coating that may need to be reapplied stains are permanent.

Concrete Sealers

Applying concrete sealer can extend the life of new or existing structural and decorative concrete and help restore the surface to its original condition.


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Carl Eisenberg

Estimator and Planning Manager

Edgar Escobar

General Manager

Ray Escobar

Project Manager

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